New ground services issue

I was just testing the new ground services on various different planes and I noticed that the pax door doesn’t line up with the door of the 717. I don’t know if it happens on other planes or if it’s a known issue. It’s not that big of a deal but I would suggest making it so that when the stairs go to the door of the 717 it doesn’t rise then it would probably be closer to the right spot

I can understand where you are coming from here, but I hate to break it to you that nothing is going to be perfect. I would recommend just rolling with it, and expect it to possibly be looked at in future updates.

I would also like to mention that this is also V1 of ground vehicles ever moving in Infinite Flight - so I wouldn’t be surprised. There is only so much a group of people can do at once. :)

Have a nice evening.

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Yes I know it’s nothing major it isn’t that much of a bother it is easy to live with. The ground services are very good