New graphics API coming soon to iPad question

Hi so I don’t know if you all have heard but there is a brand new graphics API/engine releasing. I believe this year. it’s called metal 3. it’s rolling out in iPadOS 16 so i am thinking is it possible to get better resolution and graphics when the new API releases? For example Night city lighting And better world terrain resolution And cumulus clouds And better dynamic shadows? Oh and were these things in the pipeline even before I asked about. it? Just thinking about how much more awesome infinite flight can become. thanks 😊

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Infinite Flight doesn’t just run on iPad so it would unlikely be able to take advantage of the new APIs given it needs to support all the other devices it does.

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You mean don’t use IpadOS?? Bc I’m pretty sure okay on their Ipads

I mean that if they wanted to use these new APIs that improve graphics coming to iPad in iPadOS16 they would likely need to make a separate version of Infinite Flight for the iPad as these APIs aren’t available on say the Android phones and tablets that they support.

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