New grading system with coloured names

Hey, just wondering if anyone knew what the coloured usernames on the new update mean. Because i have seen some grade 3’s with a white and green tag and the same for other grades

Cheers :)

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White tag - Grade 1
White tag - Grade 2
White tag - Grade 3
Green tag - Grade 4
Orange tag - Grade 5
Purple tag - Moderator
Blue tag - Developer


thanks for that


Light Brown?

It’s more of a “rotten orange”.

Grade 1&2 are white, you can remove the question mark now.

Alsothis is new!image

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Idk, it’s like a dirty orange colour

I think it’s more Orange.

Tan is the colour. If not more orange.

That’s definitely not orange.

That is green ;)

It’s supposed to be gold.

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