New GPS / ILS localiser is rubbish!


Inevitably you can just ignore the autoland appr button, in a real cockpit there also isn’t a pause button. Personally I like the autoland feature, its helped me to improve my manual landing. I would like a way to see who has appr turned on though, name and “shame” them :-D.

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Everyone flying around in 737 BBJ livery as far as I’m concerned is using it! You won’t see me in one of those!

The autoland could be good - if it was installed in all commercial aircraft, and only able to be activated on an ILS approach. At the moment it just defeats the purpose of flying a simulator.


Yes I do have a BBJ, and yes I do fly it, but if rather stick to manual landings in it. :)


You could just not tune to the correct GPS…


I haven’t tried out the new update yet but this sounds annoying to be able to lock onto a localizer that isn’t there in real life I already thought it was dumb their is an ILS approach for 27 at KSAN which there is not.


seriously, no ILS on 27?

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Their isn’t in real life from what I found its due to the fact they built the parking garage at the end of the runway to heigh. Their also is no ILS approach in KASE for 15 but it shows one in IF


@Swang007 yep, I’ve brought it up a few times. The inclined terrain and subsequent largely displaced threshold doesn’t allow an ILS system. Check the runway information on (or any similar sites). 27 only has LOC/DME but IF it has a full ILS?


IF’s navigation code doesn’t show any ILS information for runway 27, not sure how to fix that but I’ll look into it.


It just takes time. Your not gonna get right the first time but keep trying. You will figure it out. You just need pratice and experience


Thanks @Misrael102 I’ve been playing IF for over 2 years and have plenty of hours and XP… I don’t think you’re understanding my point whatsoever. I can land on the threshold every time without the need for autoland or a fake glideslope

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Yeah but i do understand your point. I do a different type of verson of autoland for me


Ummm auto land is used by some large aircraft now a days js… I dont like it but it is a fact they use it so technically its not affecting the realism of the sim.


@Sean_Anthony_99 I don’t understand what ‘now a days js’ means…?

I know autoland is a real thing. I just explained its used in cat III IMC / ILS landing conditions. It’s not used just in regular VMC weather.

Secondly, it’s not used, and cannot be used to autoland all the way to touchdown on the runway on a non ILS approach. It appears you don’t understand the difference. An ILS approach has a glideslope, basically an electronic signal that is beamed out from the runway. A sensor in the plane detects that beam and guides the plane down on it. IF has created this glideslope on EVERY SINGLE RUNWAY in IF. These glideslope do not exist in real life, and go through the sides of mountains etc.

So I’m sorry, but I completely disagree with you. It does take away from the realism of IF.

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I dream of the day we get posts about features ppl disagree with that are not angry rants and offer potential solutions :)

One thing we have shown many times is that we do things organically and if the data shows that a feature doesn’t work for most ppl, we will improve it.

How fast we will change it is proportional to the quality of the discussion we can have about it on this forum :)

Sit back, relax, and let’s work together here


I’m sorry that you feel it’s an ‘angry rant’ but I find that somewhat offensive.

Yes I guess you could say I’m upset about this feature as I believe it takes away from the realism. Realism = something that is real, or close to real. slamming a 737 into the side of a mountain using a fake autoland system on a fake glideslope doesn’t fall under the ‘realism’ category for me.

Secondly, I feel a ‘rant’ just has no meaning, no direction, no point. Again, why I’m somewhat offended. I feel there is a point and some credibility with what I’m saying, and I’ve explained why. I have also offered up a solution - make the autoland feature only available on ILS approaches so they can be properly utilised.

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Chill out haha I never said anything about the game I was saying that in real life almost every up to date plane is equipped with APPR… And have patients maybe they will fix your problem if you just ask more calmly. Just a suggestion my friend:)

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I’ve said it atleast 3 times. I know aircraft are equipped with autoland. We all know that? Everyone has acknowledged that? I have no idea what you’re trying to say in your posts?