New GPS / ILS localiser is rubbish!


Why does the new version utilise the ILS localiser horizontal and vertical needles for GPS approaches? This is ridiculous that is the main different with an ILS! You have made every runway in IF annoyingly have ILS approaches!

My aircraft continually picks up any runway near the heading I’m flying at, even at over 120 miles away. As I’m so far away and off course, the needle is flashing at me my entire flight. It’s extremely annoying. I even saw Honolulu 26L vertical needle line up perfectly for me at 21,000 feet at something like 90 miles away. This is just plain stupid and doesn’t happen in real life. Why have you made it so the localiser is picked up from anywhere in the world?

Now, in regards to GPS doing the same thing (again I still ask why?) this makes ILS approaches impossible at some airports! I was just flying the ILS approach at Honolulu 04R. But because I’m picking up the fake vertical localiser on 04L and 08R at Honolulu, and of the runways on the nearby Kalaeloa, ford island and (I believe I even picked up) bellows, my ILS needles were flicking between all of them. Honolulu just had 1/2 SM visibility. How am I meant to fly an ILS approach to runway 04R with the needles flicking between the other 6 runways, that the needle shouldn’t even be picking up!

As far as I can tell, this is so that new autoland system can land for you. In regards to this auto land, what a waste of time. It’s very simple to fly an ILS approach using autopilot until it becomes visual, even if that’s right at minimums. I use IF to FLY planes, not to watch them land for me. If I want to watch a plane land, I’ll go to YouTube.

I can’t see any benefit in this new version except some taxiways are cleaned up.

Is there some way to restore to the old version from the Apple App Store?


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That’s what was happening to at the start of my approach. I couldn’t get established on the localiser on 04R, because I was ‘established’ on a GPS approach for an airport 30 miles away 90 degrees to my left. I started picking up 04R about halfway down the cone, and I had to keep guessing my altitude as the needle was flicking through all the other runways!

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You can lock a particular approach by clicking and holding the approach indicator, its set to auto by default. If you filed a flight plan, then your destination airports approaches should be top of the list.


“Fake” approach systems were set in place where ILS approaches aren’t available so you still have the ability to perform an automatic landing on those runways.


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@Logan_Whisman I’m not trying to use it? I’m flying a 717. I don’t want to use autoland? That’s my point?

I fly a manual approach, but I can’t, because I’m picking up every single runway that’s near me? I don’t have a glideslope indicator for the runway I’m landing on until I’m like 500 feet away. So before you start the personal attacks, how about you actually understand what the problem is first…

Someone above said I can lock onto the approach I want. How? Can that be done if I’m flying a manual approach in an aircraft other than the 737 BBJ with autoland?

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@Swang007 why is there autoland on those runways!! I thiught this was meant to be a realistic simulator! Now you can just sit back and let a 737 autoland at Big Bear airport now? It’s ridiculous! Why is the game being sent in that direction. I’m actually quite disappointed

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@MarshallRotar after some searching I found your post you are obviously referring to. No I don’t think the game is bad or a rip off etc, I just don’t like all the time and effort put in by the devs for something that makes the game unrealistic! They’ve created something that doesn’t even exist in real life, and not just that, it’s at the expense of people who want to fly realistically! We’ve lost a real feature that makes flying in low visibility a possibility and fun, all so people with no idea can have the game land for them.

I feel like this time could’ve been spent on something much more productive, needed, and wanted by the users.

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Sounds like a simple On/Off is in order. Perhaps call it “Goofy Flying”.and the goofs can select it on.

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Im not talking im typing


Haha! Actually a great idea. A YES/NO question pops up after you press ‘FLY’ - ‘do you have any idea what you’re doing’

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Yeah. Nice work @Logan_Whisman. Obviously you’ll be selecting ‘NO’ in regards to my proposal…


Look to the right of your compass, you’ll see the approach indicator, as per my instructions above, click and hold then select your approach. It is available for all aircraft.

I sympathise with your issue, there needs to be a way to turn it off, at least for GPS approaches. As you mentioned, it takes away a lot of the skill in low visibility etc, someone above said just don’t use it, but its there right in front of you, its hard to ignore the fact that you are being told you are too low, or too far to the left. I suggest for now, select the wrong approach when you want to “turn it off”.


@zhris ahh I see what you mean about locking it. I can solve my problem of it jumping between different approaches.

But I still don’t get why it exists on all non ILS runways…

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As Swang pointed out, they needed to fake ILS for GPS approaches so that autoland could work. I guess they forgot ( intentionally or not ) to remove the visual ILS indicators for GPS approaches. I have been locking my departure airport upon takeoff, then only locking my arrival airport if I want the ILS indications.


True, but in real life you can’t just autoland at every airport! The feature shouldn’t be made so I can autoland on whatever runway I want!

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This is from Autoland’s documentation page


@Swang007 I understand that part. But why? They are FAKE. They don’t exist in real life, for that exact reason that you will just hit terrain! We might as well just make fake maps with fake airports and fake runways!

We’re heading further down the airborne Mario Kart avenue. Next update, dropping bananas on the runway…