New Global Challenge in 2024

Two years after global challenge in 2022 from Shenzhen to Shenzhen, we have finished a longer, better, and more challenging global flight, from Singapore to Singapore. And the route is very close to equator. Comparatively, we did 44 hours and 22 minutes flight from Changi to Changi, which 4 hours more than the flight two years ago. Moreover, we chosen KC-10 Extender with full cargo and we have mutual extended oil for 4 times in the sky. Thus we finally only have 1 landing.

Take off

Extending oil


Callsign: B-0019 and B-426Y(@qzz23 )
Aircraft/Livery: KC-10, Extender USAF
Take off/Landed Airport: Singapore Changi Airport[WSSS]-Singapore Changi Airport[WSSS]
Flight Time: 44h 22 min
Cruise Altitude:34000ft(On Pacific Ocean)/30000ft(On Atlantic Ocean)
Cruise speed: M.85

Thanks for watching! ps: We are planning for the new Global Challenge with North and South Poles. If you are interest in that, you can contact us!


What? Refueler can be refueled? 😳


yes, they can. they have a refueling spot at the top like fighter jets have

this is a cool challenge!


Yes they can. There are even some planes that can be aero refueled such as the c32b ( 757) of United States Air Force special operations.
Most aircraft in the military have the universal aerial refueling receptacle slipway installation or USRRSI which allows aerial refueling.
Stealth aircraft tend to have a rotating one to help keep them with a reduced radar cross section.