New glitch?

Flying along somewhere in India airspace I believe, or at least where I ended up. It was kind of funny honestly. All of a sudden I go from flying at flight level 200 to flying -300,000 feet and a ground speed of over 4K, and airspeed of over 15K at times. It was very confusing and funny. On the map I was spinning faster than a top. image


I would assume it’s one off occurrence. If it happens again or if it’s reproudable then something is wrong and it can be fixed but otherwise there isn’t much anyone can do.

This is new. Were you sitting next to your device when it happened?

Did you actually see that one moment that your plane was there and witnessed when the problem started?

I actually think that this is what happened…

I don’t know what speed you were going… But I assume that you were going really fast and that is what caused the plane to start to do some weird stuff… The plane probably flipped and nosedived.

I know what you are speaking of, some fighter can get shaky when you push the throttle to the max. I was only doing 70%, so about 1300 ground speed. Casual server. I was flying by hand, going over some mountain tops, when I guess what I believe was right after one, the nose started pointing down, and it looked like I was under the terrain. I thought it was a bug and I was going to get the crash screen, but it never happened. So I just let it play out. Lol. And like I said, I could have made it across the world in like 20 minutes (because of my speed I guess? It showed on the map I was moving very rapidly) had I not got bored and wanted to go into epelectic shock. Haha

I’ve been able to reproduce this by flying above 100,000 feet and slamming the ground with all my thrust, straight down, but how whatever phantom force could send you from cruising to plummeting into the void in an instant is beyond my expectation and experience. I would find it funny to be honest! 😂

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Yep. Just did the same.

I do believe it was just a nosedive from the high speed.

Just be lucky that it occurred on Casual ;)

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That glitch has been around for years now, keep flying and you will shoot out the other side of the earth and go will be going very very fast and far into space.

If anyone makes it to Mars send me an invite. Looking for some hope, perseverance and common sense to bring back to Mother Earth so that it can be shared.