New ghosting system

After a month of the new ghosting system, I feel really left out only to be playing with trolls, people taxing into me and especially when I try to record something. I really miss the expert server. Well, everyone deserves a second chance in my opinion so is it possible to change how the current ghost works so that pilots can reduce their ghost faster?

Here’s how this system works :

  • After 1 ghost, pilots are ban from expert for a week

  • When they get the second one, pilots are banned for 2 weeks

  • On the third one, pilots are banned for 3 weeks

  • Same goes on until you reach the 5th ghost. Pilots will be banned from expert for a month. As the ghost gradually increases, the cool down time from expert will be longer as well.

  • And if finally at the 10th ghost, pilots are banned from expert until the 31st of December . On the 1st of January, the ghosts will decrease by 1.

  • Also, after a pilot gets ghosted, the number of ghosts can be reduced by not getting any ghost within 6 - 10 months or something like that.

  • If a pilot trolls on expert and has 2 or more ghost pilots can report the troll and the troll automatically gets another ghost.

Do note, it’s just my idea and I would like to hear opinions on this please!

Thank you

It’s really not that different from how it is now. Your rules are more relaxed than the current server rules. After the 3rd time of not following directions, do you really need to be back on Expert?

Currently if you are ghosted, come back and are ghosted again, that just speeds up the process to hit your 365 day limit.

In all honesty this or something around the grade/violation logic gets requested every three weeks like clockwork. FDS keeps an eye on the situation and adjusts as needed. They said that as time goes on the policy can change and adapt if needed. I don’t think a feature request is needed for this.


Owh I see sorry my bad. Well I guess you can close the topic then. But also, how can pilots speed up the process of reducing their current ghost? I’m currently on 5 reports and am trying to reduce it.

Regarding the not following instructions, my phone froze and I couldn’t reply. I did hear atc replying continuously @Chris_S but I didn’t want to say anything but to accept and move on.

Time is the only cure for now. And following directions.