New ghosting impact and how it affects you!

This makes sense. Add some real repercussions. If a real life pilot did half of the things I see on advanced server, they’d see a lot more than a 24 hour ban!


Agreed with the new rule. Good to see pilots getting perma banned from advanced for acting badly


This is OK. But what happens if you are ghosted the first time. When will the “3 day” ban not come in to play?

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Ghosts should have a “warning” ghost. This person will still get it on the record. Then, the next time he does it, 12hr. Then, 24 hour suspension.

I do like Z’s suggestion. I don’t think the first ghosting should be a ban. It could be somebody’s first time on there, still trying to grasp everything. But I so appreciate the wanting to focus on more serious flyers.

Thank you @Tyler_Shelton. This is very helpful and will help the Advanced Server to continue to improve and be the best it can be!

Awesome thing here! We might finally be able to give vectors to plane at decent speed and altitudes which are only known by serious pilots!

I was ghosted without warning for no. reason in Seattle once. How would you remedy that?

You could have spoken to a moderator and they would have cleared things up for you:)


They do. It’s called Please follow instructions. Unless you’ve entered the runway without permission, taken off from the Tarmac, taxied through planes, etc, controllers are required to give you at least one warning before ghosting you.


Totally agree with this new rule,now I’m sure we will see more human flying rather then a bunch of clowns who spoilt the fun of other serious flyer.


If you hate it then fly PG because if you are getting ghosted it’s because you are inexperienced

Question: Upon returning, what’s the time limit one will have to stay clean to avoid the 3 day suspension, if any?


I have one question also. If you get ghosted on one day then one year later (or maybe earlier) is it a 3 day suspension for the second one? Doesn’t seem fair. Maybe there should be a reconciliation time. Like after 9 months or a year if you have no more ghostings then you should have your record wiped


Good question, exactly what I’m asking?

Booooo I was writing it at the same time but clearly my writings longer so it’s my idea so shhhhh

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Question 2: How will IF ensure that the ATCs are credible enough to apply the rule fairly? And what is the criteria used to ghost pilots? Sorry Tyler, but I see this rule being clouded by emotions, so better communicate it clearly.

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For everyone that’s asking what happens after the 3 days, read the whole post!


A ban from the advanced server? Is that permanent?

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Sounds like so