New ghosting impact and how it affects you!

Effective Immediately, ghosting on the Advanced Server will have the following impact on your ability to access the server:

1 Ghost=24hr suspension from the Advanced Server
2 Ghosts=3 day suspension from the Advanced Server

Example: You’re ghosted on the Advanced Server resulting in dismissal for 24hrs. Upon returning, you’re ghosted again which results in 3 days. Following the three days the progression will start over (24hrs->3 days). Repeat offenders may be subject to Advanced Server ban.

These changes will allow ATC to focus service on those who continue to do the right thing, avoiding interruption from pilots who continuously disrupt the live environment. Thanks to all of you who continue to make Infinite Flight the place to be!


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Yay, thanks! We’ve needed this with all the naughty inexperienced people coming on Advanced.


Provide some value to the conversation by suggesting what you’d do instead.


Whoop whoop. Love this!

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So we went from “change it back” to a tighter restriction? Thanks for the feedback, Z!


Love the concept but I still prefer having the ghosting for the current session instead of being immediately suspended from the advance server. The rest sounds amazing!

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The logic behind this is that unlike violations, ghostings are man made, there is some reflection behind each ghosting.

The advanced server is serious, as much as it annoys some, we hate receiving negative feedback from our advanced users about the behavior or others who don’t take things seriously.


I see what you did here. 😒

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Never been ghosted, don’t plan on ever being ghosted. I can live with this. :)


I agree. Sometimes is ridiculous the stuff you can see in the advance server. However I think maybe the first ghosting shouldn’t suspend you for 24H. Maybe lower it to 4H or something similar and then apply some of the suggestions that @zbelle suggested.

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Controllers should only ghost for serious stuff that impact other pilots so it shouldn’t happen often if you’re a good pilot :)


This is welcome news ! As it’s always been in the past. If you feel you were unjustly Ghosted, take a screen shot and get in touch with the controller. If you need help finding out who that is contact a Tyler .


I like this. I just hope that ATC is fair.
I think that this will make advanced server great and fun.

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I only got goastes once unfairly and that was a year ago. I like this new rule

ATC is fair and each of us are held accountable for each ghost . A lot of time and effort goes into making this the fairest system for everyone. Tyler and the other Mods are always checking and making sure all controllers are doing their best . And if they are not, they will be retested and improvements made.


#restoreadvancedtoitsglory :)


Advanced is really starting to tighten up. I respect and commend the work of all those involved for taking action! I’ll admit I starting to feel some particular way from the lack of changes but the recent adjustments have strengthened my loyalty! Keep up the good fight!