New Generation of Supersonic Jets to Get Boost From U.S. FAA

The FAA does try to make the way for the next Gen. Supersonic-Aircrafts easier.
One point is that they are going to make the progress of getting a permission to do supersonic testing simpler/easier.
The first outlines for the new regulations are expected to be revealed by the end of the year.

By those changes companies like Boom or the current cooperation between Lockheed Martin and the NASA should be able to develope the next Gen of supersonic-aircrafts with less problems.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming second dawn of supersonic traveling?

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting for years for the Escondido dawn of supersonic-airliners.
  • No, aircraft manufacturer should focus on more „green“ and efficient designs!

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I can’t wait for boom airliners to start flying. I hope I get to fly a supersonic aircraft someday of my lifetime

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Honestly we have hit the point ware airliners hade gotten so big no one wanted them. That is in fact the way I see it a good thing, the market knows what they needed and it was not massive planes. What the market will never get enough of is efficiently, a plane will never be too efficient, so in my opinion we need to find somewhere new to go. Clearly we exhausted massive planes. That efficiency will be a big deal to, that is why the concord failed, so if we can take what we have now, and revisit a frankly good idea from the past, and use new technology to make it efficient, and affordable. Subsonic transport seems to be ware it is gona be for a wile, every time more efficient, but unless we explore a new territory we wolnt get much better than a slight increase in some performances over last time…

You have to keep in mind efficiency does not only mean low fuel consumption.

True, good point, though I still stamd by that it is a good idea

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I’m not exactly agreeing upon your poll. I personally don’t want supersonic jets unless they are green and efficient. I believe they will be though, because they can cruise fast, and High. This is why I don’t think your poll is really fair. Either way nice topic.

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