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Good morning, I want to ask about something about this flight simulator, which is infinite flight, and I am very interested in the game, when one is going to install it, it is by paying or subscribing.

And one more thing, when when you are inside the infinite flight application, is it free to load airports and planes or do you also have to pay for that?

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You will have to pay a monthly subscription to have access to all aircraft and global scenery.

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Hey, to answer for your second question, like Mathurin_Garcier said, once you download the game (which is free now, never used to be…) once you pay for live, (depending on which you want) all airports ,scenery, regions and aircraft are all free and available for you to use, and also access to the infinite flight discord server.


And how do I do that by paying with a bank card?

I believe infinite Flight is free to install on your device and comes with a few free to play planes and regions.

To access all planes and global access they’re monthly or yearly subscription plans to chose from.

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You would select a subscription plan that you want after you download it

You can choose card or prepaid airtime depending on your network carrier.

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