New Gen Boeing 717

If you had the opportunity to make a new generation of 717, what would you add and switch?


Make it a bit smaller so there could be a wider range of choices, therefore making more money from customers.

I would make sure that all of the old dials were replaced with screens. The sunroof offers a plus and minus. The plus being you have an additional window in the best office on Earth, the minus being the sun glaring down on you from time to time. I wouldn’t change the good old fashioned controls, they’re tried and true. I would most DEFINITELY not have the compass behind the FO. I’m sorry, I know the system works but I don’t want to be checking my compass via a mirror. Other than that, I wouldn’t change anything. I love that jet. Excellent topic.

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Haha make the engines less loud


I would completely redesign the engine layout, so it’s still in the back, just a lot quieter. Then I would most likely add larger windows, carbon composites, and maybe a blended winglet.

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My variants
Boeing 717-8
And Boeing 717-9

Put JT8Ds back on the plane cause why not.

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Mine would be called the 717-8 ER
It consist
°Extended Fuselage
°Same Jets
°Added Winglet
°LED Landing Lights
°Updated Technology
°Noise Cancellation Body

I think Boeing would have to retire the 717 name and call it something else with a brand new foundation since most of us know it as the md95. I say Boeing should call it something extraordinary.

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