(NEW) GBKarp’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KLCK

Ok ill come by

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Sorry my plane crashed but heres my feedback

*The biggest thing i saw was there were very little sequences ill pm me you something that helped me that i think can help you.

*on my first take off i should have just been given cleared for the option and not a pattern entry.

*when I requested a RWY you replied “unable” it could have been done just remember when someone requests a RWY change give them a pattern entry, sequence, and cleared for the option/Land
But i feel with some work you will get there.

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My game crashed early on, only thing to note is that you had too much spacing on departures. You can clear for T/O when the other aircraft is wheels-up. 🙂

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Thanks! I really have issues with crammed airspaces

Oh ok, thanks!

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Not much for me to feed back on here as you closed shortly after I took off, but I would say this: pay attention to requests. You didn’t give me a traffic direction at takeoff so I had to call in on my upwind to find out what you wanted me to do; the subsequent pattern entry was good but you cleared me to land not for the option and I had to call in again to get a touch-and-go clearance.

You can halve the work for yourself by getting the right instructions out the first time and not having to respond to further calls - this is the key to dealing with greater levels of traffic.

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Hey mate! Well as you probably guessed I was I-SUCK.

I think this session went extremely well and you were able to handle big traffic loads without any major mistakes.

Good things:
Nice ground awareness. Thanks for letting me me go infront of @IF787, lol.

Well timed sequencing and clearing.

Some things to improve:

First of all, there was 1 go around during my parallel departure. Kuwait 020 was at least 500-600 feet AGL and The delta guy had already takeon off. That go around was not necessary, make sure to check aircarct altitudes before issuing one.

Right after I took off, I got a “Enter right downwind”. This is not needed as I already get a “make right traffic” in my takeoff clearance. Only sequnce + clearance is needed in this case.


In this scenario you issues an “extend downwind” to Kuwait 020, I am assuming because if the aircarft on the runway.

However, when you think about it, Kuwait 020 is still 7-8nm from touchdown. A 4 mile final, 2-3 mile base.

I dont think this command was nesecarry either.

Overall I think this was a great session! Just a few little mistakes. I hope to see you in IFATC soon!

oh ok thanks!


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Can you tag me next time you open? Thanks!

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