[new gates added! Plenty available!] Pre-Christmas rush! @ KTPA - 222000ZDEC18


Hahah, it depends on the person I guess lol


Can I take A11?


Do your research and add international routes to other continents in other words make the routes as in real life


Who wants do a TPA-SEA then connect to LAX?


If your not adding routes I’ll take the one to lond


London sorry


I will do tower and ground

Infinite Flight Community Event List Pt.2

@Rishon_R thanks for being tower!

@Albatross_Prince I’ll sign you up for London.

@SirMarkieMark I’ll sign you up!


Another nice event, Sky. I will snag gate… you know.


One ticket to LaGarbage airport coming up!


American to KDFW, or KATL available? What’s the suggestion launch time?


I don’t know if this was intended to be a realistic event, but few of those airlines don’t use Terminal A


I can put you in a Delta A319 to ATL, but their aren’t any other AA routes other then the one listed, sorry. If you want I’ll switch it around for you, but that’s the only ATL route.

@JeromeJ I didn’t intend for it to be that realistic, I chose mostly real routes though.


Can I take gate F90 British Airways 777-200 I’ve flown the route many times so that would be cool.


You can use that gate sure.


sounds good. Should I just make a round trip, or connect anywhere?
What gate will i be using/ Scheduled Departure time?


You will use gate A9, and the departure is at 3PM EST, your arrival should be 4:30PM EST


Can I get Gate A3 To KMDW Please?


Sure!! I’ll sign you up now!