New Friend

Someone help me find this guy. Rando that flew with me. He my boy now.


His IFC is @KBOSController feel free to send him a PM.

Welcome to the community! For future reference, you can see the community name/ general callsign on top of the airplane info. In this case, @KBOSController s community name is on top of his flight info: speed, altitude, aircraft type.

Hey there!

That’s awesome that you both got to fly a formation flight!

Unfortunately, as per #screenshots-and-videos you can’t have any huds and controls in your photos.

Check here for more info;

Want to have screenshots for in game without the huds and controls?

Go to the replay of your flight, then wait for it to load.

Once it loads, get to the perfect angle and then in the bottom right corner, you’ll see a button with right angles around an icon which has a camera. Click that and upload them to here!

Also, if you want to continue the conversation with the person you flew with, you can PM them by clicking on the person you want to DM profile. And then, you’ll see a blue button that says message. Put a title of the message and a description and you’re all set to fly and chat with them.



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