New frequency with 20.1

I have :)

My reply applies regardless if you’re marked away or not. Don’t forget, ATC can see for how long you have been away and if you have tuned into their frequency, talked with Center, then you’ll be expected to follow their instructions until handed off or once you’re out of their airspace.

What if we have to become inactive after contacting them?

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Two options for you:

  1. If you anticipate that you’re going to be inactive in Center’s airpsace while enroute, then don’t contact them at all. As mentioned previously, you will be left alone if you’re away and not on their frequency.
  2. You can ask for a frequency change when you need to go inactive. Once you’re off their frequency you can go away for as long as you like and any collisions will be assumed accidental.

Once you’ve made initial contact with Center it is on you to follow their instructions and be active if you wish to remain on their frequency. You can’t contact them and just head off elsewhere.


much more realistic, and a lot of contact with other people during long or tight flights. I like it

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I’m working to discuss thease details in more depth on an upcoming post when 20.1 is released. Whenever that is of course to discuss common questions asked by you the community :) So everyone understands what’s happening.


I have a question about Center

Will it be global all the time or will it only be in a selected region?

On Expert Server - you can expect center to be open in the region IFATC is in for the day - it won’t be manned globally all the time

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