New frequency with 20.1

hi! i was just wandering what this new frequency is for and what it is called?

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Hey there!
The new freq will be called Center


what is this frequency is for

All info can be found ^^^


ok thanks!!

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Will this be available on the training server or only on the expert server?


It will be available on both Servers



In order to train before joining the [IFATC] ☺️

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When you first join IFATC, you won’t have access to departure, approach, or center. You will need to be specially trained to become a radar controller after some time in the organization


Yay, can’t sleep 7 hours straight :D

You can sleep, it will mark you as away so Long as you don’t touch your device.


Oh, thanks!


How do the controllers know if you are away?

Due to few minutes of inactivity, it will show a indication to them. Same system as the low power mode that saves battery on long flights

There will be an orange circle icon next to your aircraft com tag on controllers side which indicates that there has been no interaction on the session for more than 2 mins.

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Oh ok! Thanks

What if we are actively listening to a frequency, but not touching our device? If I am doing a flight, I will be working, but easily listening to ATC at the same time.

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hmmm not sure but i think we will still be able to listen but the controller won’t talk to us.

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If you tune into a Center’s frequency en route you will be expected to follow their instructions if need be. It’s similar to if I tuned into the Approach frequency but never responded to any commands - it’s grounds for violations. If you want to listen to comms on Center, then expect possible flight plan deviations.

I’m fine with that. But what if we don’t touch our screen, the app will think we are inactive. Read the comment, not just part of it, please.