New free regions system

yeah that will defeat purpose of pro since you can spawn anywhere

Excatly, I would only make it so you could only spawn at certain airports. Like it is now but just expand the border.

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well you get southern california, hawaii australia, singapore, switzerland spain south africa and brazil. those who purchased regions prior to global have paid regions. Washington State, Colorado, Florida, NYC, St maarten UK and france

The purpose of pro isn’t only the worldwide flying (which you won’t be able to do with this system). There are also loads of planes you unlock which you still need to pay for…

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Another option would be to bring back paid regions, but I don’t think IF wants that back…

Interesting feature!


Thank you!

Well, then it doesn’t really change anything since that is what you can now but just with an enlarged border. And also, in that case airports would probably be very limited.

To bump this, with some of the future of IF announced there is now another reason to implement this. The A380 rework would cost so much effort that it wouldn’t be free anymore, this will probably happen to quite a lot of other aircraft, as a bit of a redemption they could add this feature.

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thats not happening

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Solo-mode, of course, isn’t synonymous with the non-pro version, except for the fact the non-pro version restricts you to solo-mode.

The pro version of solo-mode I view as almost being worth the price of the pro version: the ability to fly anywhere, and fly all aircraft. But then you get all that is multi-player on top of that.

While I think your idea is creative (and I’m all for that), my own view is that the current non-pro version gives a thoroughly generous taste. And the pro-version does not disappoint by the step up in functionality.

Plus it is necessary to fund development.

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Maybe extend some regions just like it was done with California and Italy-Switzerland. Having New York reach Boston would be nice. Enlarge Florida to have Miami-Orlando would also be cool. Or, to avoid cluttering the US, create a new region in the Middle East.

One can dream.

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The thing is, this is why they have it set to only some regions, it is so you buy pro. If your home airport isnt in the free region, you buy it. this kinda defeats the perpose

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the only free regions in the US is California and Hawaii all others are paid and they will not update or enlarge any other region

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