New free regions system

So I just had this idea, what if Solo-mode would allow you to choose your departure airport and then the center airspaces you want to fly through for that flight (with like a max of 3 or 4), optionally, you could also set a limit on the distance you can fly like, only within a 1000KM radius from your departure airport?? This would make the non-pro version more versatile but also keep it limited for non-pro players. I personally think lots of people (especially new players) want to fly out of their home airport I think this will probably flop but I just thought I would put it out there cause then IF does stand out quite a lot from other free/non subscription sims. (Also, you can only do like 5 realistic routes which everybody is getting bored of.) Just tell me what you guys think…

Example: Departure airport: EHAM
Max range from departure airport: 1000KM


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Hey, wow, I love the idea! Although this feature would be awesome, I think it does kind of take away from the value of pro even more. The whole idea behind pro is that you can choose any airport in the world and have no limits as to where you can fly. Even though, you would still be limited in where you could go with this idea, I think the current non pro version gives the perfect amount of content for free for any user who is just trying the game or isn’t committed to the full version. That’s just my opinion tho, and I think the IF staff would agree in some way too that the basic version just needs to a little more limited to help encourage users to buy pro, and ultimately provide the funds to keep the sim running and growing. Again, it all kinda just depends on how you look at it ;) Nonetheless, great post and I look forward to seeing where this feature ends up going.


Heey man, love the reply. I do get what your saying with non-pro needing to be limited and this is definitely true and should stay like that. Although, 1 of the things I hear most from new users is: “I want to fly out of my home airport!”, So I just think this would encourage those people who deleted it cause they couldn’t fly out of their home airport without paying to come back and take a 2nd look at the game, and maybe, after a while they’ll buy the pro subscription cause they have learned the game out of the comfort of their home airport or whatever airport they wanted.

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I personally think this is a wonderful idea you have made here this system for ( non-stop Players ) without a Subscription For the Online infinite Flight world. (0.621) miles away fro there Airport is also a very cool idea for a new pilot to explore New places in the simulator.

I also love how you are using the Earth System to work on your project. And love to see your New Region System.


Then theres no need for the paid version 😒…personally i would also quit pro .

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Ngl, I think this makes a lot more sense than the same boring regions we’ve got today, I mean, the only realistic flights you can do off the top of my head are SFO-LAX and SIN-KUL which get boring really fast (trust me XD). I think this would definitely help new players actually experience the “whole” game while still keeping Pro very much still worthwhile for long haul flights and all the aircraft 🤔😮

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Totally agree with you!!

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The max distance could also be adjusted to keep it limited but I think trading in all regions for 1000KM range from your departure airport is quite the fair trade.

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yeah but that will not happen as people will want a variety of regions in different continent of the world. they dont just want to fly only europe. they want europe, america, asia australia, africa. the region we have now are good. its better to have multiple regions across the world than just having one big region in europe or asia.

no most people will not like to see the new region system. people don’t want to just fly in one contient. people want to explore the world. having australia, asia, south africa, europe, america is way more enjoying than just having 1 big region

Personally i think this defeats the purpose of Pro, so I think is not needed.

What is being requested isn’t one big region. I agree, that would be terrible. Instead it is a little more complicated than that. Instead of having the free regions we have today it would be replaced by a system where you select any airport in the game and a custom region would be created in a circle at a set distance around that airport, still limiting the length of flights but opening the IF world to new players beyond the current regions which are honestly bland. I think that is what is being requested anyway

As for saying Pro would be useless, everyone seems to forget about the airplanes. Most of IFs airplanes are only unlocked through Pro and the free ones are honestly kind of sad. I don’t think this sort of system would take away that much from Pro.


Even if this was added, I would only keep it to 300-500 KM.

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That would still open up chances for more variety than the system we have now. Also, 1000KM is quite reasonable since the biggest free zone (California) has a diagonal length of 927KM which would also be the range of the system I’m proposing…

Definitely agree with this, people are talking in here as if regions is the only thing pro includes, whilst free players only have the A321 and B737 with a live cockpit, I’m not even asking IF to upgrade that, I’m just saying that a bit more variety in routes you can fly would be nice.

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I wouldn’t mind if it would be around 600KM, it’s just that it would be nice (and I’m sure I’m not only speaking for myself) to have more options for routes and to have the option to fly out of your favorite airport and check out what IF’s scenery has to offer and how good the quality of 3D airports actually are instead of hiding most of the cool places in IF from the free players who may buy a sub after they saw how amazing the new KLGA looks!

I think you don’t understand my proposal: it would be that you can select any airport around the whole world and that the game would automatically create a region around you. So you wouldn’t be able to spawn only in Europe but also on Antartica for example.

Voted, this would be great for non pro players and would be better then the region system we have now.


I think I understand: it’s basically like you have a limit on the distance you can fly at max(in this case, 1000 km)


Yeah, just a circle around your departure airport that limits you from flying more then 1000 (or something kilometers