New free planes

I know there are a lot of free airplanes to fly with, but I was hoping that we could get like one or two new planes that can be for free for people who doesn’t have IFPro

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That’s why there is Pro subscription.

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Maybe later down the road, but remember the development team is a small group of people who have to pay salaries to the staff and pay their own respective bills and financial difficulties in their own life. I hope you understand.

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With the level of detail they are putting into all the new planes I highly doubt any new free ones will come any time soon. Remember, the money you are paying in the subscription is the developers and owners salary. Plus, pro is worth it.

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I know, I thought that it would be nice to the people who doesn’t have Pro

Yeah I know and I don’t expect them to do it right now

I don’t personally believe we need anymore free aircraft…due to the high standard of aircraft I think giving them away for free isn’t beneficial for the infinite flight team…

The level of detail they are putting into the new planes is amazing. I mean that they can take for example the a320 and make it for free, not the new planes that are comming. Pro is worth it I know

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The level of detail in the aircraft is exactly WHY most of them aren’t free.

Just our of curiosity, what planes are free?

That’s true but the Infinite flight team can take like the a320 and make that on free

they gave you the a321…not sure why you want the a320…only difference is a few liveries and aircraft length… otherwise all the same!

Some of them are the a380, a321, b737, b747 and some more

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The a320 was an example

True, but all of the pro planes don’t have the same detail

I think infinite flight has given plenty for free!!

At the end of there day… they are humans… they need money to live…Pay for rent…feed there children!..purchase clothes and more

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Yes, however the devs have said a while back that all aircraft will receive a rework at some point.

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