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Were you trying to tag @NetJets_Nick?

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Is good , thanks @Kilt_McHaggis

Hi Kilt
Realy nice job you did there.
2 points that I found which does not to fit realy:

  1. Eurowings (Low-Cost airline from Lufthansa is missing)
    and 2. Condor (German tourist airline) is missing
    But the rest is really cool.

In South African Airways , EGLL is beside FAOR …

EGLL should now be fixed. Thx


Yes, I will sometime this weekend.

All I ever get when I go in there is “Your device does not support this
file type”. SO…I can’t see ANY of it.

@Kilt_McHaggis… MaxSez Sure miss the Island of Kauai on the present Chart but I live with it. Do an old man a favor check the Hawaii Global Regional and insure PHBK (Barking Sands) on Kauai is included. (Had some roaring good drunks at the club there back in the day, beautiful secluded nude beach included, Regards, Max


Added to the issues list


I went to the website you mentioned and looked at airports for global. I noticed that Lajes Field (LPLA) in the Azores Islands wasn’t included but many other airports in the islands are.

Are there any plans to add LPLA? This is a major stop over point in the mid Atlantic for military aircraft & also a destination for airlines. Thanks

Hi there. I cannot say why this is not visible to your device. It works on PCs and Apple devices. I do not have Android however I would be surprised if it doesn’t work.

Hi there. I am only adding airlines actually in use in Infinite Flight. I did not see these. Which aircraft are these liveries used on?

There are both not in IF yet, but Eurowings is flying A319, A320 and A330-200.
Condor is using A330-200s, A320-200s, A321-200s, 757-300s and 767-300Er’s and they have got some really cool looking special liverys.

That was what I was thinking. My site is dedicated to everything ‘Infinite Flight’. Think of it as an IF Wiki. If it is not present in IF then I will not be publishing.


Ahh ok, anyway thank you for this great wiki then.

OK site is taking shape. Now loading A380 airports with Gates and waypoints (APPR/SID/STAR points)


Also all released airports will be listed here - Imminent


Open in Google Earth for full effect

The larger swirly symbols are the VORS local to that airport. The smaller circles are the local waypoints used in SIDs STARs and APPR where applicable. If using a pic you can select to turn off each layer.

KLAX looks awesome! Really helps with finding the taxiway names :). Great work!

I intend to do this for all of the A380 airports

Airlines, Airports and Airplane info is now available in my site. Please feel free to use and abuse. If you have any requests please PM me.
Signing off from this thread.

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