New Free Infinite Flight WEB Site

I am making a new site for ALL IF Related info. My previous site was costing me personally $15 a month. I am now providing this service with Google Docs. It is free to use.

LiveFlight should still be your primary way to get charts. This reference site will be available for free.

Please publish requests below


For American Airlines, there is an airport that I noticed that is not marked on the map. KGGG is serviced by a flight from KDFW on an E140/145; however, it is operated by Envoy Airlines. Not sure if you’re including airlines that are a subsidiary of the mainline on the map.


KGGG added to AAL (also wiki links added). Thx for feedback


Im trying to access US California, but it says i need permission?

Please retry. I have just switched it on :)

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I forgot to mention… excellent work sir! The site is great! 😁

Great job as always Kilt!

Just checked airports for Qantas and LHR seems to be missing.

These are some great charts for everywhere around Aus

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I already have a subscription to Navigraph. I have a large wealth of info to hand.


Great work, bravo.
In fact, I looked at ALITALIA Airports, LIEO is not served by alitalia, there is only a seasonal flight, the airport is a MERIDIANA FLY property and has the exclusive.
Just a small thing.
Thank you!

Swiss hasn’t so much destinations! The don’t fly to west Africa!

No love for the CRJ’s? All kidding aside, excellent work sir!

Nice work!
I learned something from your site already: I never knew the 747-400 was in another class than the 747-8

Thx for feedback; Wiki states differently: Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport - Wikipedia

CRJ-200 is a class B and is further down the list

Please take this. imageFrom Swiss

Yes i saw,from this summer rhey added 1 more flight, operated by Alitalia citylines, the other one is a charter by Darwin airways(Etihad Regional)
Anyway is not so important,great job!

@Kilt_McHaggis The QFA routes is missing London

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SWR now updated. Please check

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Looks really useful and looks phenomenal! Do you think you can make one of these for KCMH and KLCK?
Sure will try

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