New free aircraft after a380 rework is released

To be honest, I know that infinite flight is really good with pro, but what about for those who just can’t get it, whose parents won’t let them or other causes. Infinite flight without pro is still really good but there are very little aircraft to choose from. And, when the new reworked a380 gets released, it will sadly not be free making even less planes available to non pro users. I feel like maybe the 767 should be free when the a380 is released because it is also old and we would have the same amount of free aircraft.


This is an interesting concept but it does have to be remembered that Infinite Flight, while it is a place for us to have fun, is still a company. It still needs to create a steady revenue stream which is from either purchasing aircraft or pro. So while I do think this is a cool idea I think this will remain just an idea.


How do I gift pro??

You cant really “gift” pro but if you were to buy a card you could send the person you want to gift pro to you could send them the code on the card and they could use that

what card? i dont get it

I think he mean by gift car, the Google play card (for topping up your balance in the play store), sure there is something similar for Apple product.


I miss the days of being able to buy the aircraft. I’m really not a fan of the rise of the subscription model and the loss of individual ownership for digital products. I understand how it helps companies bottom line, but it isn’t good for the consumer.

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But aren’t there different ones for every country?

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I totally get where you’re coming from. The shift to subscription models can be frustrating, especially when it comes to digital products. It does seem like individual ownership is becoming less common

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Invite those parents in IFC. We will explain them why they are wrong and why their kids must have the PRO access! 🤓

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Yes of course, but the average price of the subscription is pretty the same. I think it’s the only way to gift a subscription unfortunately 😐.

Interesting 🤔. he is right , the non pro users really get aircraft taken back from them to be with pro. it would be nice if they made some planes that were only for non pro users. and that kinda equals everything up. it was a shame when the CL35 was not a free aircraft and they took the citation

Maybe an older plane in the same category, like “Airbus”

Good idea! Maybe like the 340 since it is also about the same age 🤷

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