New found appreciation for ATC and plan to master it

Well, after my second attempt at doing ATC on TS1 out of Sydney I have a new appreciation for how busy it can get. I don’t think I will be venturing off to SoCal just yet.

Nice quiet hour, then at 2130Z, wow. Must have been an event, but totally overwhelmed, I had to close it as I started getting traffic not listening on ground and Tower had Aircraft just taking off.

I will master this art though…


I’ve found that as well, after around 5 minutes of controlling there is a sudden rush of traffic. That happens at the airport IRL too. Hope you master ATC soon!


PM me when your controlling again, I’ll come along


Me too! It’ll be interesting to fly with some mates from across the ditch :)

To practice, I suggest finding an airport with a single runway, with the weather (wind) being such as to mark one of the runways as ‘red’ so that you don’t get clowns every 2 minutes trying to take off in the opposite direction to all of the other traffic flow. Then, slowly step it up to parallel runways etc.

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Glad to see that you’re motivated :)

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Always found EGBB in London region is good to practice ATC on, single runway ops, most pilots obey!


I’m not sure, when learning, I almost think parallel runways are better. I can see both sides though. With a single runway, everything is simplified. But, with parallel runways, you have some wiggle room (maybe one for arrivals one for departures, ease you into TO clearance and spacing). I dunno. But EGBB is a good one.

The first thing to do, no matter what, is to watch the tutorials, and learn the parts of the pattern, and how to manage pilots in the pattern, so that you know them without thinking.

I think the one thing we can all agree on…if you want pilots to pay you any heed, stay away from SoCal on TS1.


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