New Forum Tags

Hi Everyone,

Today we have introduced a set of new tags for specific posts and categories on the forum. Tags are a quick way of navigating to posts that are targeted for what you are looking for without the need to search directly. They allow for a different way of categorising posts, giving forum users more flexibility. They also ensure that, at a glance, more information can be provided about a topic without having to extend the title.

Event and Group Flight Tags:

#expert - for Expert Server events
#training - for Training Server events
#casual - for Casual Server events

These can be used by any user and must form part of the posts in #live:events and #live:groupflights. You cannot currently add multiple tags and only one may be used per topic (subject to change).

Example tag

Route Tag for Database Topics

#routes - used for aircraft route database topics

This tag allows you to find community-made route databases for specific aircraft at a click of a button. We may add more tags to the parent tag group (database) for sets of topics in the future. This tag is visible to all, but only staff and moderators can add it.

We may look to add more to other categories/post groups in the future. Please help each other with these new tags and allow for mistakes by new members. You can find all the public tags by heading to the menu in the top right-hand corner and selecting tags.



Very efficient now, since we don’t have to scroll down the topic.


Awesome Misha! This will be a great addition to the Events category!

Paging @IF-Mallorca.

Thanks for the addition, Misha.


Nice addition! I noticed @lucaviness changed my event tag, so I was a bit confused, all understood now.

This one will be my favorite by far. Thank you so much Misha for adding this. It will be super helpful.

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Nice! I like this idea! I added the rest of the tags to some of the event threads that didn’t have them that are upcoming events

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WOW you actually added my request! Thank you very much Misha, I hope that makes the forum events more efficient!


Finally, this is a great idea. So know we dont have to go digging into every post to find what server

Great edition, gonna help a lot with efficiency and making things that bit easier. Thanks Misha!

I can see the IF tag by your profile photo. 😉

I really like these new additions! The way the events have been re-worked with these tags is just tremendous! I can’t wait to see this in action!

Lol true, what is that for?

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Yes, I will mostly be on the TS

Congrats haha! Good to see this on the forum1


Also thanks for adding the routes tag for my how to find a route to fly topic

Thank you Misha!! This is gonna help out a lot :)

Congrats @IF-Mallorca for the idea :)

Not sure if this is anything related to this, but my dark mode is having issues. It’s changing from some parts of the UI disappearing to the black getting lighter.

Jason is updating dark mode settings. You can find the topic linked below.

So no it’s not related.

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