New Forum Messages

I’ve noticed in many posts that there seems to be new messages at the top of them, some of them include:

(X will substitute for a username/value)

X user hasn’t posted in a while, their last post was X long ago

This is X’s first post, welcome them to the community

And so on and so forth. Are these new messages or…? I haven’t seen them since a few days ago.

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Nah I have seen them quite a few times

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Huh. Well it seems they’re more prevalent than ever.

This is just an indicator to welcome them back to the community or welcome them to the community.


Yeah I know, but I come on here every day and these messages are only a few days old for me. I wonder if a bunch of people are joining, posting, or posting after a while.

Discourse introduced this feature some months ago. It’s called:

Special call-out for new / returning posters.


Cool, thanks.

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They are also editable… I think the admins should edit it to say welcome to the infinite flight community


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