New Forum Look request

Hey guys, i was watching the busiest Discourse forum and see the incredible design.

Why not put community link direct in the IF website like the site above, with the background of Infinite Flight website?

It will be great and nice!
What do you think?

(@philippe) --> tagging the community webmaster, not the developper.

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Do you mean revamp the whole website like the one in the link? They even have an off topic category! LOL :)


yes, when we click COMMUNITY it stay at the website and open community (with the website style, fonts/colours)

Well, it’s not bad idea, but any other color but black, it’s like kind of gothic (my opinion).

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black blue, like the IF website

I like it the way it is now.


Looks too dark, I don’t like it.


First of all, please avoid changing the font in the middle of your post, it is only distracting and doesn’t add anything.
Second, we have twice as much active users over 30 days than they do :)
3rd, we do plan on having a better integration between the website and our forum, just need to find time to do it :)


I agree. I think we should leave it how it is.


Please no! I definitely dont like it. Leave it as it is.


I have removed the big font…

btw We are almost 10,000!!

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But how many of those people are active

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I Think the “Off-Topic” Category can be misused by some users.

The Current one is better. Why I said it’s better?

  • It’s way simplier and looked more elegant
  • The background doesn’t hurted viewer eyes

It’s Good actually. But, the Black background hurted my eyes :(.


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