New Forum Banner and Website Updates

howdy boys and girls!

I just got on the forum and noticed a orange line at the top of the screen, under the IF logo. Is this new? I love it!




It appears that it is new! Represents IF more then the Blue color.


And the tops black. Happened last time before the crj update Thx @Evan for that info … im not sure but im curious?!?

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Ohh, I was just about to make a post about this 😂

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I think they updated it! Looks very nice - a more smooth top bar - you used to be able to see the logo outline.

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Not going to lie, Devs have changed it to black before, before a release of an update, then changed it back to Navy Blue


Why is there any motive to lie? lol

You never know what people are hiding on this forum.


I really like it… goes with the logo more.

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It’s kind of hard getting used to…but the color palettes match more so seems good.

Yes, I realized that too. I liked it.

This is hella amazing. It’s so damn cool

I love it. Makes it look so much better.


The Infinite Flight logo blends into it much better.

It is probably an issue with discourse like the last time this occurred, I have to admit it really does look nicer.

Not a Discourse issue, we’re just unifying our designs across the board :)

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!


Ah I see, the Infinite Flight website is back up and working with the new design

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Wait a sec. I havent noticed anything…at least not on the forum app

You may need to refresh the page / fully restart the app

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Ok I see it now. That is stunning!