New form of live subscription: Flight Hours

I don’t know the difficulties to implement it or the cons, but here is my suggestion. What if we could purchase “flight hours” to Live Flight?
If you fly a lot, everyday, monthly/yearly subscription would be the best option, but what if you only have time to play 4/6 days a month, but really want to fly and don’t want to expend U$5 or R$15 on a month subscription just to use a few hours of it? Well, purchasing “flight hours” we would be able to fly just the hours we purchased, using every penny of the money. This would be the best option for people with restricted time that really want to fly live when possible.
P.s. Someone with economics knowledge would know better the pricing.

Would you like to purchase live flight hours as another option of subscription?

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I say $5USD is a good price for month. If people just want to taste live a bit.


So you’re saying $5 for a limited amount of flight hours as opposed to $5 for unlimited hours per month? I think I see where you’re coming from so a workable solution would be more in the region of $1 for something like 10 hours. Realistically I spend on average 5-7 hours per week in IF so that would work out reasonably well if I knew I was sticking to that limit. However I think the current price band for unlimited flight time is very good value for money and not one I would mess with.

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It would be U$5 for limited time, but for me it would last for 2-3 months. U$1 for 10 hours would be fine too, as I said, I really can’t estimate the pricing…

I would love this. I can only play in the weekends, this would be perfect for me.

The problem with micro transactions is that they too, cost money to process. An average of 3-5 cents on the dollar and by the time you add Google Play or Apple Store into the mix they (FDS), might see 50-60 cents on that $1.

The current pricing levels are just fine, the only thing I would change is to add a lifetime or multi year sub to live+ for those of us who can afford the investment.

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Interesting point, but I still think that flight hours could be a good business for users and developers, only them (FDS) can tell.

Mods and devs have a infinite subscription I think

Perhaps only as infinite as they are in that position.

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Then it is not Infinite :)

Lol I mentioned this in a previous post a few weeks ago.

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I actually really like this idea. I bought a year, but only play about once a month.

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That is something I’m trying to avoid. In R$ that is a huge amount of money to waste 😓