New FNF?

Hello everyone, first of all I wanted to thank our Mods, particularly Mark for his work in organizing the FNF, but I think that lately are becoming a bit monotonous.
I remember the FNF some time ago, were much more interesting, with pre-established routes, but I also know that often was a messy because many people disrespecting them.would be nice to create specific FNF again, examples: use the airports of classa D, from that point only this way we IFATC we have more opportunities to participate, create different routes to and from various airports, in this way we avoid the congestion two main airports.
These are just some ideas, I know it’s not easy, but it would be nice to try some new variant.


What is that?

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Unfortunately the mods stance has changed about FNF from what it used to be:

So don’t expect routes/procedures very soon.

I would love smaller GA events, however unfortunately many people choose to disregard the GA bit and fly the jets.

Worth a try I’d say though.


I I know that, because of some have changed the rules, but maybe with all the new changes in the EXPERT SERVER will be possible to try it sometime.
Can be very fun and interesting for all users.

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The FNF is Friday Night Flight,is an event for all users on Friday


One way we could solve this is by bringing back the FNF server. That way people could fly on Expert without notams, but would have the choice to fly under established routes on the FNF server.


MaxSez: 1) Night Flights with IMC Recoveries to GPS (non-ILS) Cross Wind Runways. 2) Tail Dragger go in windy high mountains. 3) Dash-8 only. MultiStop Commuter From Hub to 5 feeders with Pax/Cargo increase/decrease each stop and back in IMC at Twilight in Seattle. (Flight Plan Req/No Plan, No Service!)


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