New Flying Club

I have been thinking about starting a flying club with professional and good pilots. Sort of like a virtual airline but more focused on events than just flying routes alone. Would have a ranking system and special callsigns. Respond if interested. More details will be provided including how we will accept members, the name of the club, ect.


Sounds great! Remember if your starting any kind of VA/VO it needs to be IFVARB Approved

This will not be a VA.

Well, I guess you could make a PM group of pilots to fly around with? Or create an event committee?

However, if it’s something like Plane&Pilot (a VO) and will be advertised on the forum, it would have to be IFVARB-approved.

They do, but some “virtual organisations” such as an event committee does not have to be IFVARB-approved.

It will just be a little group of new people to meet each other. Nothing super organized just fun flights together.

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Oh yes, disregard my message didnt see that part

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Yep, so make one.

I once created a PM group with some Dutch IFC users, it’s active to this day :)

I also once got added to IFLH (Infinite Flight Long Haul Club)’s PM but decided to leave due to the spam there.

Anyway, this basically sums up the type of group you want to make if I am not mistaken?

Yep, nothing like a VA. Just meeting so new freinds to fly with in a virtual club setting.

I sent you a PM about an awesome group that I’m a part of.

Alright, so why don’t you get going and create one now 🙃

If you want you can join opg

Let’s not create this into a promotion thread.

The OP a never mentioned joining one, instead creating one (and any answer has been found).

Its not a promotional comment i just said that maybe trie to join that to see what is a vo. And how it works then plan and then make one. :)

He doesn’t want to make an IFVARB-approved VO.

More information is all stated above in earlier posts.

than what is your point

it needs to be ifvarb approved

No it doesn’t if it’s just a tiny group of people.

whatever your choice

@Mr_yellow refer to the posts above please.

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