New FlightCast Real World Aviation Short Film!

Hey guys,

Here’s a new video I just posted to YouTube. I was out with my friend Cam flying in his Murphy Rebel. I was also able to capture a pretty crazy moment at the end. Please be kind in the comments :)



Very nice short film. Do more of them : )


Great film - you must of had a lot of cameras !!!


Great video. I loved the bit at the end. You explained what was happening very well

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Great little video. More please.

Its just like the training server at the end


Haha - add helicopters to IF and you’re absolutely correct!


Yep if helicopters were in IF I’d try and recreate that aha

Your friend’s landing was fine, he managed the crosswind (13-15 knots I would say) and did a decent three-point landing. The touchdown was the best I’ve seen indeed, but taildraggers can be very tricky to land especially when it gets windy.
I don’t have much experience with taildraggers either (mostly Cap 10 and Super Emeraude).

Concerning the ‘close call’, I’m not familiar with helicopter operations but it seems like the R22 was in fault here, the runway was clearly occupied, your friend announced himself over the radio so the pilot should have gone around.

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I agree - thanks Axel. Or instead of going around… just hover and wait! Or better yet - just land on the ramp. But I don’t know the rules around that.

I think even though I gave lots of context, one thing to keep in mind is that my friend didn’t know the helicopter was even in play due to the bad radio. For all he knew, that transmission was coming from 50 miles away at another field.

And you’re right - we used the airplane again, so that’s not a bad landing! :)

Again I’m not familiar with helicopter ops but I don’t think they can just land on the ramp when there is no tower. We usually get a few helicopters every week at my airfield and they always fly over (more or less accurately) the runway and then hover to parking after having flown a VFR pattern.

Maybe it depends on the published procedure? I don’t know. Maybe a helicopter pilot could explain us!

You forgot the cat! 🐱

Very nice film.

Thanks, guys. If you love it, please make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. If you want to see more, a great way to increase the viewership and add to YouTube’s algorithm is to like and subscribe! Don’t be afraid to share as well :)

Awesome video.

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really awesome and interesting video Jason, kept me hocked.

Wow that is incredible. But you looked like you were having fun 😉 Wish I could have ave these adventures

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