New Flight Sim Gamepad by Yawman Flight

Well here’s something interesting! Jon Ostrower (you might know him from his aviation publication The Air Current, or from the Downfall documentary on Netflix) has teamed up with some partners to create a new gamepad specifically for Flight Simulation!

It works with Infinite Flight for Android out of the box and has some really cool features! Their goal is to make it work with iOS ASAP but for now it’s Android (as well as most desktop sims). Hey @epaga… we need a third-party iOS solution ;)

Either way, very cool!


Now that is interesting. Whilst I’m on IOS I’m always interested to hear about new ways to play Infinite Flight!


Just saw it on the IG story! This looks interesting to play with

Hey @epaga… we need a third-party iOS solution ;)

iOS at this point would likely need something external in between such as my little free project IFJoystickPi - connect your joystick devices to IF using a Raspberry Pi! (Free Beta)

Or they’d need to implement the bluetooth joystick protocol instead of USB only…

(The gamepad looks sweet though!)

So interesting! Unfortunately I’m on iOS.

Now I can just Airplay IF on to the TV. (Biiiig Screen)

Keep my fingers crossed they implement bluetooth.


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