*New Flight Record!* Doha-Houston. First Boeing 777-200LR flight since rework!

Performed Qatar 713 which provides services to Houston George Bush international. I’m also pleased to announce that I’ve broken my all time record for the longest flight I’ve done on the simulator but by a close margin of 6+ minutes. At 15 hours and 49 minutes, it becomes the new personal record for me surpassing the previous flight which was 15 hours and 43 minutes. Photos were taken on the expert server and edits with Adobe Lightroom!


Nice editing, ultra long hauls are fun, I recently broke my record for longest flight, which was about 22 hours 😬


Which flight lasted 22 hours!? and also how is your phone/iPad not melting


I love the creativity with your angles! Thanks for the share :)

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I can just say its possible with the right Device i already done Multiple Flights like this without leaving IF so i git sessions with over 230hrs of flight time


I have the newest iPad pro, also technically the flight was supposed to be like 18 - 19 hours but I had to go do something so I was flying patterns for a bit


Impressive, I have done KLAX-VABB (Los Angeles to Mumbai)
That was around 17 hrs 30 mins, total flight time, without ground on both airports.

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