New Flight Model Intergration

Question to the developers. Is it in the plans/would it be possible to integrate fly-by-wire into IF? Environmental and external models are good, but when it comes to aircraft flight characteristics there are a lot of issues. Aerofly has already implemented that FBW etc but the only thing that is steering me away from that sim is the lack of online multiplayer.
By all means I’m not complaining, just curious. I believe one of the devs mentioned a few months ago that they “might” be working on a new perf system. Cheers!


You said the A word


Don’t see an issue with that.


Fly-by-wire would be cool. It’s definitely something you have to get used to in sims that already have it. It makes it easier and harder at the same time.

Can’t find an open feature request for it.


IFATC is lobbying against FBW.

If it gets added, the number of overspeed violations due to accidental autopilot disconnection (due to miss touch or stalls) will be drastically reduced (no input = plane keeps flying level). This would result to an increase of the activity within expert server to unknown levels, making the work of controllers exponentially harder.

This post is satire if you cannot tell, you may remove it.

I hope you realise that normal law still allows you to fly above 250kt below 10k ft which will give you a violation… That being said, accidental autopilot disconnects are not that common. Most reports are due to instructions miss understandings or just trolls. This application is called a “simulator”. The whole purpose is to replicate real life procedures, aerodynamics and aircraft and that is why a lot of people would like to see this feature added.

You would be surprised how many users say it is due to autopilot. Poor autopilot is getting all the gate. Furthermore, it is harder than you think determining the real cause of violations amongst so many appeals per day the appeals team already had there hands full with that I assume. Without our appeals team at IFATC, I don’t know what we would do, haha.

And this is why I started my PPL so I could further improve my knowledge on flying a different ATC instructions. I also wanted to be a pilot from a very young age but yes would love to see FBW on IF

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Of course they are going to blame it on AP. Always the safer option lol. I’ve been flying in IF for 5 years and never had any issues with that (could be just luck or maybe because I’m a commercial pilot).

And this is the childish side of IF not manning up to a mistake or troll that they were clearly at fault for… let’s be honest here no matter how hard we debate this no one is winning and each will have their own opinion and I’ve voiced mine so if you don’t agree that’s awesome and if you do agree that’s great too but i don’t want to call others childish and then proceed to start a debate that turns argument.

Don’t want to discriminate but look at edge age demographic of the discord server and the intellectual conversations that take place. Speaks for itself. Totally agree with you Will.


Please change this topic’s category to #features, as it seems you are requesting that fly-by-wire be added into Infinite Flight.

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maybe I’m not all caught up with the simulator world’s phraseology but what does this even mean? By definition IF is fly by wire, as it’s a flight control computer.

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I have the same question @Ksisky. What would this look like in Infinite Flight? In my own experience, FBW has been useful on some of the desktop sims I have used (FlightGear is where I’ve noticed it mostly, on their 777 models). But would there be a use for it in a mobile flight sim?

What does it mean on desktop sims? There’s no manual control. Literally every physical interface goes through some sort of API which predicts flight characteristics. That, to me, is the definition of fly by wire.

Again, I can only speak from my experience with FlightGear, but when flying their 777 and the various Airbus models they have (all of which have FBW coded in), they are much smoother and easier to fly than their 737 (which does not). One example I have is that it is nearly impossible to roll the A320 in FlightGear, whereas I have been known to accidentally roll the 737 once or twice. This is because the FBW auto-corrects.

Another example is a feature of the 777, where VNAV and the throttles work together to maintain a certain speed while also ascending or descending. Something which I wish Infinite Flight would implement.

Edit: I just looked it up, and the autothrottle feature I’m referring to is called the FLCH system. Flight Level Change. It is designed so that if the plane is ascending, the throttles are automatically set to Climb Mode and VNAV controls pitch to maintain speed. Same thing if you are descending. The throttles are set to zero, and speed is controlled by pitch.

okay but you see my point? How could FWB literally not be coded in? If it involves any code at all, it’s FBW. All computer/phone/tablet sims are FBW by definition. Right?

Edit: I see what you’re getting it. You don’t just want the aerodynamics, you want a replica of the flight control system. Tracking.

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I’m just not sure how useful it would be have the flight control systems coded into a mobile flight simulator. It also depends on how in-depth you want the FBW to be. Personally, I think that the Infinite Flight Development Team should continue focusing on making the sim more stable on either adding new and/or revamping old aircraft models.

I don’t think that adding FBW would very useful right now.

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What I think is important to disclose here is that quite a few of the aircraft already implement FBW. The F-16, geometrically, is extremely unstable. It is literally not possible for humans to make corrections fast enough to control the thing if the computer fails. What has to be understood is that you’re asking for more accurate flight control systems for specific aircraft. There will never just be a magical fix for all of these things at once because it has everything to do with aircraft individually, and less to do with the overarching theories of stability.

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