New Flight Display Screens Streak

So I just started taking out the A320 and doing so at night. When roaming the Captain pilot view camera around I noticed that flight displays are streaking black/dark gray outside the screens during night time. If you accelerate the camera view and then rapidly decelerate the motion the displays will streak for a second then resolve. I am trying to get a replay or even a screen record to post it but pretty hard to do with the android.

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 8
OS: Android 9.0
IF Version: Latest
Rendering Quality: High
Rendering Resolution: High
Texture Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit Frame Rate: Off

Able to reproduce: Just need to have screens off in night time in cockpit view with all the mentioned settings. Issues resolves once screens are on

Would this be the same issue you’re experiencing by any chance?

Not the same this isnt flickering this is display streaking when camera moves only happens when the displays are off.

Hey @anon2063420 - are you able to screen record this and show us?

I’ll give it a go. I don’t use a Samsung but it might not be different 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Not doing it on my device

  • Huawei honor Play
    However when in replay if you scroll back on the bar everything in the cockpit glitches but I’m not sure if that’s the same thing

I think I know what you are talking about. I had experienced that a while ago. I was using Samsung Galaxy S8.

Look at the below of the horizon.

i have IF on both my IOS & Android devices so i downloaded the update on my android device just to check for bugs i can confirm this issue, its only happens at night time. simply spawn at gate or runway and just sit in the cockpit view switch to night time and move the camera around the cockpit and focus on edges of the displays while moving your camera you can see it being glitchy

couldn’t get a screen recorder on my Potato tablet:
samsung galaxy tab s 10.5
Android 6

Strange cause I tried the exact same thing and not a single problem

maybe its only occurs on certain devices! try to increase your brightness to like 50% and zoom in and do it with displays tuned off and then turned on and see if you can notice anything, but only at night time.

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i couldn’t screen record cause my Potato tablet doesn’t allow it for some reason however i tried to film it LOL, just focus on the edges of the displays while i make quick moves in the cockpit view you can see some kind of dark blue reflection or shadow or whatever coming out of the edges of the displays

Not sure how easy it is to see in the screen record. The screen record appeared to lower the resolution considerably. But on Note 8 moving the camera around has streaks from the flight displays. As if the app is struggling to keep the flight displays in the correct position at the correct speed as the camera moves.

It’s definatly certain devices cause no matter what I do I can’t make it do that. Maybe some devices just don’t have enough processing power

I’m experiencing this issue as well on my S10+. This probably isn’t a performance-related issue since my phone runs IF amazingly on highest graphics with no lag.

Don’t think it is a processing power problem. The Note 8 can handle the processing demand. This has more to do with the refresh rate or something else app internal.

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