New flaps format

Hello everyone!
I don’t know if you have noticed the new flaps format or way in which appears on display screen. For me this can be useful but also bad or at least I dont like them. I know that now its easier but it takes away the thing of simulation because you cannot put flaps 40 on a 737 now you need to put landing conf. and takeoff conf. and personally I dont like it.
Please leave your comments below I want to know what do you think about this :)

Flaps 40 still on 737 ?

The TBM has takeoff and landing flap settings only as that what it is irl, look at the flap lever in the cockpit and you’ll see


I’m trying to ascertain what changed to you and how the user interface (UI) changes your takeoff and landing configuration. Are you comparing the TBM flap settings to the B737’s settings?


Ahh maybe didn’t notice that cause yesterday I only flew the TBM and maybe its only that
Thanks LoL

Each aircraft will have it’s own unique settings and configurations tailored respective to the aircraft. Take for instance the CRJs, F22, Airbus Family, etc and now the TBM.


I would highly recommend doing some thorough research before posting a complaint with inaccurate information. It just makes you look a doughnut! (Donut for you Americans lol)

Next time, end your flight and then check the 737 or any other aircraft haha