New Flap Sounds!

  • New Flap Sounds!

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I think that it would be a nice touch to the IF realism if new flap sounds could be added to the upcoming a330 rework! Also the current flap sounds are outdated so i’m pretty sure new flap sounds would be a great upgrade since were using it all the time while we’re flying!

(first time posing so sorry if i didn’t do anything right😅)


That would actually go to the features category


I’m totally on for that!!! That would be so cool👍🏾

Please request that in #features

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Hello! I think this has been said already but this ‘request’ belongs in the #features category, so i would recreate it, add some pictures and some facts and place it there, thanks! For some assistance making a #features request see below!

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this looks more like an request so plaes do an feature Request in the #features category.

Im defo in

This sounds really cool. I can make a features topic for you tomorrow (you can’t make one since you are not TL2 yet).

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And I hate to break it to ya but this is a duplicate there’s another thread that you can go on to vote for this New Flap sounds - #18 by CJLAviation


Yes please! I’m still TL1 atm so that would be great if you could repost this on the features category!! :)

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Gotta wait until TL2 to post there, and TL3 members aren’t permitted to move topics across.