New Flap sounds

Hello I’m suggesting a flap sound rework as the current one is very different for many aircrafts.The current sound doesn’t sound so great and it would be nice to hear a specific sound for each aircraft.

Here are some examples,listen closely cause the flaps sound completely different from the ones in IF

Yeah to me they definately sound different and I know IF is about realism and this is one way if making the realism even more.Its a small detail yet I’d love To see this get reworked and it is something that can be reworked in the future

  • Yes I want it,it’s great
  • Eh I don’t care
  • Not needed,it’s uselsss

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Thank u for reading and hopefully vote!

This may be hard to implement due to Engine Sounds and background. Its just like an Engine Sound Rework. It will be hard to access clean audio recordings and getting the right equipment will be sort of pricey. But, hopefully this can come to IF. Don’t forget to vote for your own request.


I’m out of votes lol I don’t post many requests so I spend my votes on other requests

I like the concept, but what does it sound like in a cockpit?

Very similar it’s just a different part of the plane

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You cannot hear the flaps deploy in the cockpit of an airliner, only thing you’ll hear is the rumble from the drag.

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Yeah it’s a deep growl sound if u will

Voting never hurts :)
You got mine friend.


Wow the A320 sounds so familiar to me. I’m flying the A320fam way more often than the B737 irl and it’s always a bit weird for me to hear the A320‘s sound in IF. I would really like this feature being added with a whole sound overhaul!
(I know sounds are expensive and hard to record and add and it’s unlikely to see it in the near future but I will hope…xD)


Well I would prefer new engines sounds rather than this.


Different aircrafts have different flap sounds. For this feature to be confirmed, we need a whole bunch of flap sounds for aircrafts to increase realism.

I support this though.


I support this but apparently accurate sounds are hard to get their hands on. They would certainly be a game changer though.

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This would only work with planes like the CRJ which have interior views

No, you can hear the flap sound on almost every plane with a cockpit view in IF.

Ik i mean a CABIN view

Which isn’t realistic. You shouldn’t be able to hear the flaps unless you’re flying something like a C172


The flap sounds of the F-16, F-14, F-22 and the F/A-18 should be as same as the updated A-10. They might come when they are remodeled.

We need this! The realism of the simulator would be greatly increased! :)


Some people already said that there are no way you can hear flap extending sounds from cockpit. So they should get rid of the flap sound if the it’s CP/FO view and only allows to hear if you are in cabin view of it want to be real. BUT how do we know if the flap is extended when you flying non live cockpit.

This would be a nice addition! Too bad it wasn’t added on the 777 or 757 as it is quite loud on those.
Also would be cool if Spoiler noises were added, I know on the 777 and 787 they are very loud.