New feature?

Looking at the VNAV tutorial on the Infinite Flight website I could see this(Sort of a little box for a quick response to ATC, I think.)

And also, I could see that some people ask the question if all the aircraft will benefit from the APU and the answer is no according to the IF site.

These are my little finds that I wanted to highlight if anyone hadn’t noticed them.


The first feature has been there for a while

The website did just recently get an update as well, yes

Where did you find the tutorial for VNAV? I tried YouTube but no luck.

The reply feature has always been there, if you hold down the ATC icon, you can reply to ATC without having to access the ATC box.


On the flying guides. Go to the original website and select User Guides in the menu. There is a whole list of updates documents for you to read prior to the update.

Take a refresher or learn it for the first time! It’s great new update to the documents page and the website in general

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Found it thanks a lot! :)

Here’s the link in case anyone missed it

I didn’t know that. Sorry😅😅

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Ok that’s fair I’ve deleted the original post

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I would assume GA don’t have APU IRL so won’t in IF

And for the APU it had been confirmed before also that he wouldn’t be on all the planes?


As far as I am aware it will be on all aircraft that have it IRL (ie so not GA aircraft)

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VNAV looks confusing
Even with tutorials in place 😵

The quick response box is actually a existent feature, if you press the headfone you will do the quick response, this is a pretty good feature when you’re in some important moments like landings or challenging approaches :)

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