New feature category rules question

Now we have the new #features rules, which says you can only request a single variant of an aircraft family per request:

So what about the existing feature requests, such as B747 rework? Will they remain or we have to create separate topics for the -200, -400, -8 and -8F?

Separate topics I believe

So the original topic will be closed then? 😢

What do you mean?

I’m guessing old feature request topics will be grandfathered in so folks will not lose their votes. I’m sure Misha will be able to clear this up when he’s able.

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I mean the old request, like the 747 rework, is violating current rules as they are requesting a family rework, while the rule says only separate variants, so I wonder if they will be closed.

On I get it now I do not think so but misha will clear it up!

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We won’t be closing the old ones, no.


Ok thanks for the answer!

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