New F-16 Upgrades?

I look forward to flying the new and improved F-16 whenever that becomes available. :-)

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The F-18 is getting a rework no news on the F-16

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Good day! As of now, there has been no official mention of any changes regarding the F-16, though, as @Ethan_Brown has mentioned, the F/A-18 will be receiving a rework following the addition of the A220. (Personally, I’m also looking forward to the day the Falcon gets its facelift)

For more information regarding the F/A-18 rework, along with the 2021/22 development roadmap, refer to the article I’ve linked.

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Sweet!!! I would love to fly a Blue Angel F-18 Super Hornet.


Make sure to vote here for the F-16 rework!