NEW Expert ATC Schedule • 5-11 March 18

Hopefully West Africa (Gambia/Senegal region) is involved next time.


Where’s North Korea on Tuesday. Time to give Kim Kong Un some love 😂

Great schedule seeing how vast this week’s schedule covers

Yes! Amazing schedule! Can’t wait for Thursday!


Finally my favourite region and pro subscription both at same time. Waiting for Sunday!

Can anyone tell me if Cuba is orange. Also, thank you for making the purple darker. Is it sad that all I care about is the region’s color tone. Great schedule Tyler!

@Trio If you look a bit closer, you can see that Cuba is included 🙂


…and I thought my vision was bad.

Cuba is included for Wednesday’s region.


I’m colorblind people. Couldn’t tell if Japan was Orange and Cuba was green or the other way around.

Edit: Whoops, didn’t see the added wording next to Wednsday, my bad, that’s very helpful that is there. Also, thank you again for making the purple darker. :)


Loving East African Thursday :)

Can’t wait to fly out of Nairobi on the Kenya Airways 788


Dear controllers for Monday please be active on some IRANIAN aiports. Iran is a mountainous country with very spectacular scenery. Also it is good opportunity for pilots to test their ability on high altitude airports.
Suggested airports are as below:
OIIE Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport
OIMM Mashhad International Airport
OIFM Esfahan International Airport
OISS Shiraz International Airport

Hope to see controllers and pilots at these airports.


Puerto Rico!!! Great stuff!

Want to add some challenge to your patterns for today? Try going to UTSA :D


And I wish we could have ATC in Australia every day. We can’t have everything 🤷‍♂️


UAAA will be open for a while. Lets get some traffic going!

Love love love Central Asia and Iran on the schedule. Currently flying from Almaty to Kabul.

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OAKB will be open for the next few hours. Come and fly some patterns! EDIT-Closed

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Almost there! surrounded by mountains!

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Great schedule today Monday <3 <3

Monday, can anyone suggest some relevant airlines I could fly for this region today please?

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Amazing schedule just a pity that there is no USA 😭

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