NEW Expert ATC Schedule • 26 March - 1 April 2018

You guys are going to be in Florida on my Birthday! Awesome!

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I hope LICD will get some ATC action on thursday!

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Love the idea of voting for the schedule!


I need to be more broad with my choice of flying around the world. I have been flying too many US flights. Time to find new cultures! ⌚️ @Tyler_Shelton

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I picked Option #2, because my Airport of the Month is in West Virginia. Also, I can do a flight in the UK on Tuesday. Although I appreciate the gap region between Germany and Canada for Option 1. It gives ATC-birds a wider range of airports in a smaller region.

I’m also glad that we get something other than the US and Europe for the weekends. Time to pull out FlightRadar24 and find an awesome flight in Mexico.

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Don’t forget that today is still Sunday. That means that IFATC is still staffing today’s region! Expert ATC Schedule • 19-25 March 2018


Go for option 3 people!

It’s our Choice. Not yours.


3 has Hawaii, this is a rarity!

Have fun!

It would be pretty cool to fly with real world Traffic to fly with the plane that you see on Flightradar24 (on solo).

Wouldn’t it be cool? @C_Baccari


1 March? Or you meant April?

Love it! No US or UK minus Florida! Always love to fly in new places!

Hawaii is literally in next week’s schedule 😉


Great schedule for this week, looking forward to it!

I also really appreciate we have a say on the schedules too. I am hoping it becomes a regular thing. Thanks Tyler!

I voted #2, go two!

Flying from Malaga to Melbourne now :) should arrive tomorrow morning

May I ask why Texas and other states were skipped in option #1 and #2?

I’m sure Tyler doesn’t want to include the entire Continental United States in one day. It’s better if certain regions of the U.S are open instead because it centralizes traffic and encourages more unique airports to be opened.

I agree with that. He basically split the US in 1/2 and left the middle states. Could have pushed the middle states to either the east or west

We don’t need to include every single state. Texas has had ATC for the past two schedules I believe. It can have a break (;

There’re mods for that for FSX, but mobile devices couldn’t handle that much coding. It would be nice, though

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