New Events at Infinite Flight

Hello, Infinite Flight Aviators!

For a long time, our staff team has planned events for our community. Our FNF (Friday Night Flight) has been a staple in the community for years. Now, we have bid our FNF a fond farewell. While we won’t say goodbye to official events completely, we do feel it’s time for a change.

Community-inspired Events

All it takes is a quick look through the #live:events category to realize how diverse and abundant group flying in our community is. From small, grass-roots events to huge VA/VO events, there’s no lack of action. For this reason, our team will be on the lookout for new and exciting events to promote on our social media channels. Not only that, but it’s our goal to find quality events to include in our live streams on YouTube. Instead of only sticking to events created in-house, we will tap into the amazing creativity already alive here in our community.

With FNF in the rearview mirror, Friday events are no longer discouraged! Please feel free to leverage the ATC schedule pinned to the #atc category to create your event.

How You Can Contribute

While it’s impossible to feature all events, or even promise to cover all virtual airlines and organizations, there are some tips you can follow when creating events.

  • Follow the #live:events category rules closely!
  • Follow the ATC schedule, which is usually pinned globally and to the top of the #atc category
  • Run your event on the expert server (or all servers)
  • Do not use gate assignments or any other means of excluding participants
  • Do not use any kind of signup method (event should be open to all)
  • Use a large, 3D airport as your departure field to accommodate large numbers of participants
  • Be reliable! Follow through with your event so we know we can count on you for more

We’re excited to take a more community-focused approach to our official events and leverage the power and creativity of this amazing group! Here are a few more things to note as we pilot this new events program:

  • There is no official way (for now) to have your event featured. Our team will either choose an event or create one ourselves depending on the need and what’s available
  • Please do not contact staff or moderators asking to have your event featured or to invite them to your event. For the time being, we will hand-pick events to be featured
  • Use past official events as a starting point if you need inspiration. Events that accommodate a large number of airlines, routes, and aircraft will often get better turnouts
  • This new method will allow us to feature events in different regions and timezones where we were previously limited due to staff locations
  • We will iterate on this new system and we will be open to ideas on how to improve

Thanks, and we’ll see you in the skies!


Sounds interesting….


And here’s the answer to everyone’s concerns about FNF!

Great to hear these changes, and looking forward to the future of community events. Should be some interesting ones going forward.


Need more GA days/events!!


That sounds really interesting, can’t wait to see that !


cool can’t wait!

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Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get how it works…. Maybe I’m only not that familiar with c-events. However, thx for the update.


Sounds perfect thank you

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Summary: We will choose community-made events to feature on social media and on live streams.


Sounds great 👍


This sounds very exiting. I’m happy IF is taking this approach


Would this be recommended for all events? Large events such as VA events want to get an idea of numbers for organisation reasons. Therefore, gate assignments may also be very useful for such events to ensure organisation and to order pilots in terms of responsibilities within the VA (are they staff members?) or their rank.

An example of this is the upcoming IFVARB summit. Due to the sheer number of pilots attending, surely sign ups and gate assignments are needed for organisation purposes?


We encourage you to keep doing your events in whatever way makes the most sense to you! I know VA/VO’s like to have huge amounts of realism and gate assignments would help here.

All we’re saying is, we won’t feature them or note them as official events if they have gate assignments or any other method that excludes participation.


A very nice idea, hope for the best

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Ok, understandable from an inclusion point of view. Thanks for the clarification.


Nice sounds good !

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For some reason, I got a unique event idea after this post.



Yes!!! Love to hear it and we can’t wait to see your event published.


This is great Jason I wish I could give it more than one ❤️! However, I’m sure that this newly reformed event coverage method is also still in the works and still open to new ideas. So if I may share a little piece of “field reporting” for the team to take down the road leading to whatever successful form it will finally become. Don’t worry there’ll be no details, just sharing an old story and you may chose to skip it.

My Long Boring Story (skippable) :D

Once upon a time, my department was in trouble as our new TV show (non-fiction/ semi-drama/ reality show) failed the ratings. It had spiked earlier but then dropped into a hole in the earth. Everyone was baffled. We had polished an idea and covered it from all sides, that we think would tell a captivating story to the audience, we had used all kinds of gimmicks, effects, the best camera, script writer, video editor, all our technical know-how was out on the table for this baby - but still, uncle Nielsen (a.k.a AC Nielsen) said otherwise. It sure did went up the ratings at first capturing the publics’ attention, but for some reason had lost its soul and came gliding down, so fast. Things got so bad that the TV station wanna cut us out in favor to a competitor but we managed to squeeze in a night meeting with them before that happens. It was our chance for a plea but was also a chance to exchange ideas. The revolutionary solution came from one guy and I still remember it to this day, and have used it professionally to good effect throughout the years, and what he said was also the reason I came to love flying in Infinite Flight so much… So it was this elderly guy on that table with a long pony-tailed gray hair who patiently dealt with us the whole night along with his execs, genuinely trying to help us out, but once he said these words - lights in our heads started to lit up and we all went home less than 10 minutes later and proceeded to deliver one of the most successful prime time TV show in the country within the next couple of days. His formula was simple: “…people (long pause, while pointing his finger) …like to see people”. We found out what one tiny detail we had missed that was right in front of our nose all along, but we had erroneously chose to set it aside - because we idolized the product, the story and our skills more than the character we created. In the world of entertainment, it sometimes always help to create the Gods ourselves.

Okay now after getting that two cents out the way, once I re-subbed in the next couple of days, gonna join in the first ever, historical post-FNF Infinite Flight group event! What’s it gonna be! Commercial? GA? Humanitarian? Massive Military Fly-by? Hey it’d also be cool if some of us do a commentating live stream while we’re at it, also add departure cam and an arrival cam (a.k.a butter-not-butter cam), a good way for everyone to get captivated with lots of viewing angles!🚁🚁🚁 (also to the F-22 guys, do a synchronized cobra to mark the opening of this event! Before the cobra, “Pushback requests” aren’t allowed lol😅).

Don’t mind me folks… I’m just over excited! (and just drank triple espresso at 1.59 AM at WADD)🏝✈️