New Event - To Be Closed

Hey IFC,
I’m planning on creating event achieving something quite big although I have no idea when it will be. Should I make the event notice or wait until I know when I’m going to do it? The only problem in waiting is that I won’t know until a few days before the event and I know any good events needs a few weeks notice. What should I do?
Thanks a lot!

It’s your event and should make the decision yourself because at the end of the day you will end up choosing a date.

True but the formula/instructions by moderators say that you a time and date is required especially in the title but I won’t have either for a while. Can I create the event without the date or time?

No you can’t, check your calendar and jot down a few dates and time then but them into a hat and pick a random one out and you will have a date and time to work with.

Ok then, does it matter if it’s completely wrong?

Just put dates that you think will suit you on a piece of paper then put it into the hat.

Ok sure, thanks!

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Make a draft then save it until you know the date and time when you can add those in and make it live!

I would suggest that if this is your first event that perhaps you try organising a couple of group flights (as these are Lite Events) so to get some experience in hosting and making them.

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