(New Event Time) Cessna 208 Birthday Flight @ KPIE - 262200ZMAR17

Server: Casual

Region: South Florida

Airport: KPIE

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: Please be courteous and professional to one another. Utilizing UNICOM is not mandatory on the casual server, but for this event please utilize it for the sake of organization. 208 pilots may use any livery you like. NetJets VA members will be using the designated private 1 livery.

Good day to you all and I hope you’re doing well. On behalf of @NetJets_Nick and the entire NetJets VA I would like to welcome all of you to join us in a birthday flight for our good community friend and fellow NetJets VA board member @DeerCrusher. We’ll be meeting up at KPIE, then flying East and South down the coast to Boca Raton (KBCT). We’ll be flying the 208, so low and slow is the way to go for this event.

You’ll notice that the end of the FPL seems abrupt. The intention is to enter the pattern at KBCT for landing rather than heading straight in. Adjustments may be needed by the time of the event to compensate for weather.

All are welcome to join us! There’s even a few Coast Guard gates out at KPIE if any C-130 pilots would like to come out. Fly the FPL as you’re able and feel free to pick your own destination to accommodate your aircraft.

Hangar 02: @DeerCrusher
Hangar 04:@NetJets_Nick
Hangar 05:@Flightfan84
Hangar E01: @Hari_Sims
Hangar E02: @SkyHighGuys
Hangar E03:
Hangar E04:
Hangar E05:
Hangar E06:
Hangar E07:
Hangar E08:
Hangar N01:
Hangar N02:


Tomorrow’s the day! Hope to see you all!


Please join this event Discord server if you are planning on attending! https://discord.gg/Xde9Czp

Forty minutes to the beginning of the event. Feel free to reply here if you would like a gate.

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Heck why not. I’ll sign up haha my 208 skills are somewhat rusty but I’m game!

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Are we spawning in noble sir?

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Absolutely, come on in. I’ve been here getting the FPL ready.

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