New Event Calendar

Hi everyone,

We have just enabled a new events calendar on this forum. It allows you create an calendar event in a section of your event topic. This is then linked automatically to a new page that shows a calendar of all upcoming events on the IFC. Within the event scheduling it gives you a number of options such as exporting the event to your calendar via .ics or a Google Calendar.

  • We have enabled this for TL2 and above
  • It may only be used in the #live:events category
  • Abuse of this will result in the feature being removed
  • Adding this to your topic is not mandatory

You can add this by going to the settings icon in the topic menu bar when creating the topic, selecting ‘create event’ and inserting the required information.

  • All events must be public or standalone
  • No events are permitted to be put as recurring
  • The event title must be the same as the topic title where possible. They are permitted to be changed if needing to be shortened.

Within a topic it looks like the following:

You can find the page with all upcoming events at This can be found under ‘upcoming events’ in the top right menu. If you have any questions on how this works please ask below.


Your staff and moderator team


Looks great!

This is an amazing addition to the forum. Thanks so much for adding this!

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Been wanting this for so long, thank you for adding it! Should make attending events way easier. :)

Awesome! Once I get up there I will probably use it :)

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how would this look like for flyouts/ins?
will it just say amount of time left till it starts?

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A moderator or staff member may be able to confirm this, but I believe currently the way that this feature is set up, is you select the date and start and end time for the event. Therefore it will appear on the events calendar under the correct date and will also show on your event topic, how long until the event starts and once it has started, it will show how long till the event ends, similar to how the feature worked for the FNF this week.


This is a genius idea.

Especially for people like me who are used to using calendars like this constantly @ work.

Thank you!!

Nice aesthetic change which will improve event awareness


@Kostas_K Check this , it can help for your spotting events :p

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This is also very helpful with the Zulu times. When it goes in the code in the post it says it in Zulu time which really helps out the tittle!

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Is this part of the event calender?

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Yes, that is part of the new event calendar feature.

As you can see from your image above, you can select going, interested or not going for events that have this feature equipped.

You can also select the three dots in the top right and add the event to your calendar on your device.


Does that mean that we won’t have FNF anymore ?
cuz the schedule doesn’t show them

Friday Night Flight events would continue, they are typically announced on the day before the event.

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That’s cool. 👍🏽

I assume this means the title without the time in front of it?

Yep, that’s what it means!