New European United Routes for 2019!

United is planning to unveil new routes tomorrow. They dropped some hints on their twitter.

Number 1:
Number 2:
Number 3:

There was a pretty big rumor going around that KDEN would get a new route because Scott Kirby (President of United) recently said so in an interview.

For these routes I think they are:
San Francisco - Amsterdam
Newark - Naples
Newark - Prague

Not sure what is going to happen in Denver but these routes do look like they make a lot of sense.


Darn, I wish they were from LAX! United’s international service is really good! LAX-AMS would’ve been good.


UA isn’t trying to compete head to head with DL/KL/AF on AMS. SFO makes more sense since it is more O/D driven whereas there are already a lot of option to AMS from LAX.


I couldn’t understand their clues! XD

But if they are going to Amsterdam, that would be nice!


No Pittsburgh? Welp, I suppose not… 😢

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I’m already sad that UA might not be expanding anymore at KSJC but rather reducing at KSJC.


It wouldn’t make much sense for them to expand at SJC considering they have one of their biggest hub operations just north at SFO. Overall, SJC is a pretty rapidly growing airport at the moment though.


Wrong. It’s at SFO. XD

Anyways, I’m just happy that they do fly to KSJC because they don’t fly to KOAK at all so I’m just happy they fly to KSJC. But it would be nice if they would expand at KSJC, maybe routes to all their hubs and focus airports from KSJC.

And that is what I am enjoying. We are getting a KSJC-KDTW and KDTW-KSJC route soon operated by Delta!

We also got a KCVG-KSJC and KSJC-KCVG route recently operated by Frontier.

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EWR didn’t really work as a flight because it doesn’t make much sense when they offer a premium product to KSFO.

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I don’t get it. Do you mind elaborating on it more?

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Sure! United has a premium product from EWR-SFO with lie flat seats in first and meal service in economy. Since SFO is not that far away and has much better service, the KEWR-KSJC didn’t really work out.

Oof! Don’t they also have premium products for KORD-KSFO as well?

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No but they do sometimes use aircraft with our flat seats. SFO also has premium service to Boston.

Because since United is removing a KSJC route, they will only have 3 routes instead of 4 out of KSJC.

I just hope that doesn’t go down even more…

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The new routes have been announced! Check them out:

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Lol where does UA have yet to fly from KPIT?

Yea they do that for most hubs.

Amsterdam, Naples and Prague! Cool routes!

So freaking annoyed that there is no new route from Denver. They are neglecting us internationally, as we only have two major routes from them.

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Where would you like them to fly to? Far better opportunities at EWR and SFO